Courtesy Meal Or Alternate Meal

Another example of ‘America’s Sense of Entitlement.’ When too many parents fall behind on paying for their children’s school lunches, some school are offering alternate meals consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit and a beverage. That is only happening if the student exceeds a set amount of meals charged to their accounts. If they have more than 10 meals charged to their account then the school’s Web site warns that once a charging limit is met, that in lieu of a hot meal, student will be offered an alternate meal.

This is done so that schools can keep their budgets in the black and to ensure that children don’t go hungry.

Federal lunch program money can’t be used to pay what is called bad debt. Paying for this bad debt comes out of the general budget taking it from some other department.” Parents who qualify for free meals are not affected. It is the parents who don’t give their children money for lunches and expect a free meal for their children.

Of course, these parents are complaining that their child is being singled out and the other children are taunting them as being poor. They proclaim that paying for their children’s school meals is a burden to them financially.

These alternate/courtesty meals have been under consideration for a while and parents were notified as of last fall of their debts. These ‘deadbeat’ families, with unpaid charges, were reminded by automated phone calls each night and notes were sent home with the children once a week. Letters were also sent home with the students. Even collection agencies are hired to recoup the money. School officials have even gone as far as to place stickers on the children’s hands or put rubber bands on their wrists as reminders. But, the best results, that got the parent’s attention, was the alternate meals.

Must I keep my corn in barn to feed and increase the breed of rats? — be it so; — they cannot be less thankful than those I have been used to feed.- Ben Franklin “On the Price of Corn and the Management of the Poor

What do you think? Is it a courtesy meal or an alternate meal?

I say enough already! Take responsibility for your family. Stop expecting others to pick up your tab. I will help anyone that needs help. I humbly give to you from my meager rations, you humbly accept and never more may a word be mentioned by me as long as you humbly give to the next in need.


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