How A Jerk Amuses Himself

I cannot express into words how much I have a loathing for this creep. This abuser, this contemptible, despicable, piece of humanity stuffed a cat into a boxlike homemade type bong. This puke, pictured below, was smoking marijuana from that box with the cat inside. His admission to his friggen lame excuse was that he was trying to chill the cat out as it was too hyper.  I don’t believe him.  I believe he did it to amuse and entertain his tiny, little pea-brain.   He put that poor cat through hell. 

I can’t get it out of my mind how cruel some ‘people’ can be to helpless and defenseless humans and animals.

To see a picture of the precious cat named Shadow, the torture box and the full story click-Nebraska Man Stuffs Cat Inside Bong

Therefore, I place this ‘piece of work’ and ‘a poor excuse for a human being’ on my ‘page of shame’-

The Biggest Looser
The Biggest Looser

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