Discretionary Income?

On February 26, I posted “American’s Sense Of Entitlement And Envy“-

So from the mouths of our leaders came,”the flow of credit is the lifeblood of our economy” or in the words of George W. Bush after 9/11, “Go shopping, America. Get down to Disney World in Florida,” or something to that effect.

This is Newsweek’s cover this week.


Click on the Newsweek cover above –I Want YOU To Start Spending-to read a short article:

What? Are they actually kidding us?  Even if I had money to spend as I wish, I would not in “…the times that try men’s souls spend because Washington wants my family and me to start taking risks-AGAIN!


2 thoughts on “Discretionary Income?

  1. HI Liz thanks for the link to the Thomas Paine I will read that later before I go to bed. It looks very interesting. I saw the YouTube video of a Thomas Paine

    though he is really not Thomas Paine I thought it was interesting. This video however is from the summer of 08. I would love hear what he has to say now. Now that things are worse then ever. I am wondering if America will recover or if we just fail and I am trying to figure out what becomes of us. I have cried and gotten mad and made phone calls and prayed. It’s just so frustrating. Thanks for sharing your views with us. Hugs

  2. http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=218379&title=youre-welcome-fixing-the-economy

    If you’ve read my blog recently, you know I’m no Jon Stewart fan. But I am a big John Hodgman fan. If our ever-loving government wants us to spend money, then they need to borrow a page from Hodgman: Emergency Christmas. I’d also like the two weeks of vacation that I get with regular Christmas for however many Emergency Christmases that the government thinks we need.

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