And To The Republic

…with liberty and JUSTICE for all.  Not just a select few. 


There are two type of democratic governments-

  1. Direct Democracy
  2. Representative Democracy

America is a represenatative democracy aka a Republic. There are dangerous risks in being a republic. Many repressive governments also call themselves a republic. Without proper public vigilance, elected representatives can assume dictatorial powers. If we become apathetic and do not oversee the proceedings of our republic’s government, then laws can be made that personally benefit corrupt representatives which will harm “we the people”. There could be a political takeover of our government. 

It is our responsibility, as citizens of The United States of America and not United States Soviet America, to ensure that our elected representatives know our views on matters that require a vote.


2 thoughts on “And To The Republic

  1. Did you catch that Obama has asked GM’s CEO to step down? Apparently Obama made him an offer he can’t refuse. The press says it has something to do with additional bailout money. My theory is that Obama used three different words to encourge this… I R S.

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