Slip, Sliding Away

Watch this video then you decide which end of the political spectrum you believe the US sits. How is it that most are just now noticing that we are sliding further left on the political spectrum?


4 thoughts on “Slip, Sliding Away

  1. HI Liz that was very interesting. I think we are moving way to far left. I never knew that about Democracy that’s all the left talks about this was really an eye opener. I loved it.

  2. That was really interesting Liz, yes we are moving way to far left for my liking and I don’t feel comfortable with it at all. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. What a great find, Liz.

    What keeps me up night in regards to the state of American politics is that we may be trying to close the barn door after the horse has left, found a new life, raised a family, died and the barn has collapsed due to the rigors of age.

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