Ah! Fresh Air

The House passed the H.R.2454-American Clean Energy and Security Act.

This news literally made my blood boil, then I became sick to my stomach. Then I calmed down, and I became sad. I am saddened that these parasites on Capital Hill could care less what they are doing to this country. I am saddened that we can’t stop these parasite from destroying this country. I feel powerless. I tried calling my rep. today to demand that he vote NO on bill H.R.2454. All I got was a busy signal. Later, after the bill was passed, I was happy that my Representative voted No. 

To find out how your Representative voted, NY Times (I know, I know) have the results and the roll call.

If the news of this bills passing isn’t enough to taste bile, how about this-These elitists prigs didn’t even read the over 1200 page bill.  

Deja Vue! 

I am experiencing Deja Vu! 

Wow!  Look at the pretty colors.

You can find the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 at the Library of Congress.  if you are so inclined and have a month or more to read it through.

I don’t have time to explain my disdain for our leaders and why I think this government is pernicious, and filled with Fascist, self-serving gluttons.  It has all been said before.  I want to know how we can stop this maddness and take our country back.


4 thoughts on “Ah! Fresh Air

  1. Liz I don’t think it will pass the Senate do you? God I hope not, we brought down the switch board on Friday with phone calls for them not to pass this but they never listen to us. tea parties are happening again starting today across the country. I was not able to go today it was to last minute found out last night about them. Not sure the turn out will be that great this weekend and they won’t get any coverage because of MJ dying. That’s all they can talk about were we asleep yesterday in this country well some were unfortunately, but not me I was awake and listening.

  2. How can we stop this madness? Short of taking up arms in full-scale rebellion (which wouldn’t work anyway), there needs to be a concerted anti-incumbent movement; not elect republicans or democrats. Whoever they are, if they have an (I) next to their name, get rid of them. Vote for the other guy regardless of party AND more importantly, whether you like him/her or not.

    If most of this current crop of politicians (read as not statesmen) return, we will know one of three things.

    1. People lied and voted incumbent anyway.
    2. The American government as described in the Constitution was overthrown quietly some time ago and this is all bread and circuses.

    I’m honestly not sure which outcome I would fear more. Either we are a nation dominated by idiots or we live in a very different country than we think we do.

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