The Jackson Extravaganza

Instead of watching the memorial to Michael Jackson, I did something more meaningful and productive…I volunteered to clean the gas station’s men’s bathroom down the street from where I live.

Seriously. This whole spectacle is contemptible. It sickens me to think that we as a nation would worship and elevate a mere mortal as if he were a god.

In case we have forgotten we have young men and women fighting, dying and have died in Iraq and Afghanistan who won’t get the accolades that this oddity is receiving and will continue to receive

Relatives of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Decry Lack of Coverage Amid Jackson Spectacle

We have a nation that is on the brink of collapse. Our Constitution is treated like a piece of toilet paper. People are going hungry and don’t have a place to live. Most of us are worried that we won’t be able to pay our debts. 

I understand that he was a legend in other people’s minds. I cannot say that I didn’t enjoy some of his music. Because I did. My condolences go out to the Jackson’s family like they do to any family when someone passes. I know the pain and the heartache of loosing a loved one. But I refuse to worship any mere mortal.

By-the-way!  MJ’s family and friends should be footing the bill for this extravaganza.


2 thoughts on “The Jackson Extravaganza

  1. Not to mention that MJ took serious news off the media for over a week or more. I am sick to my stomach over this new health care. On Page 12 it says it will be illegal for us to have our own Health Care. I find this all very scary and I am so pissed off. I have been posting at facebook my political views and people would rather play a fantasy farm game that care about what’ going on this country. I am about to quit blogging and facebook all together I am just disgusted with how no one cares.

  2. Wow I’m impressed with your cleaning. I am sure it was much appreciated or did you tell them. I didn’t watch the spectacle that day either. Have better things to do with my time. It was watched more then the death of Ronald Reagan. Now what does that tell you about our society. I have seriously been thinking of writing a political blog. But I don’t want to put the time into it. I enjoy reading yours though.

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