Penn’s Freedom Dinner

sean and hugo
Sean Penn & Hugo Chavez

One wouldn’t expect a pig to put his hand over his heart during the “The Star-Spangled Banner? But one would expect a pig to engage in a sexual display, with his latest conquest, while the elitists watch.

If Washington, DC, is “Hollywood for ugly people, and the White House is having its annual Correspondents Association dinner, then what the hell was an animal  Sean Penn doing in Washington at the Correspondents Association dinner besides living up to the ugly part?  What did the Correspondents Association have to prove by inviting this piece of work who constantly craves attention?  The answer eludes me.

Yes, Sean!   You have the right to look upon your country with disgust and I have the right to point out how disgusting you are.

Enjoy your freedoms Sean.  I know I do.

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