Happy (In)Dependence Day America!


We are officially dependent on our government, China, Japan, U.K., Oil exporters, Brazil, Taiwan, Caribbean banking center, Russia, Hong Kong, Switzerland…

We are dependent on these foreign countries to finance our debt, supply much of our oil, our shoes, electronics, etc., and we need them to buy more of the, minuscule, products we make.

Our jobs and manufacturing are overseas.  Brazil, China, India and other big emerging economies will continue to influence our earnings, the prices we pay for coffee, bread and especially gasoline.  Due to their ravenous appetite for goods, they compete with the U.S. and other countries which in effect drives up the prices of the above mention and more.

China has a trade advantage in that they undervalue their currency.  China’s exports are cheaper, and what we export to them is more expensive. This is a monumental trade imbalance that favors China and leaves us in the dust.

made in china

We are more than ever dependent on our government to take care of us. In just four years, the number of people receiving food stamps has increased over 60 percent, from just over 27 million to 44.6 million in April 2011. There are over 90 million Americans working for the government or are receiving subsidies. 14 million of us are employed by the health care industry connecting them to Medicare and Medicare.  American has an addiction to spending.  We are spending more than we are taking in.  We have the Democratic and the Republicans fighting  about the debt ceiling.  One wants to raise the debt ceiling and taxes (on the wealthy), the other wants to cut spending and not raise taxes.  Where do you think that puts us as Americans?  Do you think for one moment that raising taxes on the wealthy won’t trickle down to us serfs?  Where the hell are we going to get the money to pay for this “trickle down effect” when we don’t have j.o.b.s?  And if the wealthy were taxed  at 100%,  it still isn’t enough to pay off the monstrous American debt of $4.5 trillion.  And what about the unfunded liabilities.  How are we going to pay for that?

We, as Americans, have to sit back and let our government take us back in time-A time before July 4, 1776 when we dared to assert our Independence from a foreign country.  The act of even possessing such a document, as The Declaration of Independence, was an act of treason against the Crown.  The 56 signers were unafraid. Their freedom was worth far more than their allegiance to tyranny. Aren’t we afraid that foreigners, who own 50% of our debt, are going to start telling us how to run our country which will result in less freedom to manage our debt and our lives?

Our educational system is in the toilet.  We are loosing our technological advantage and skills to foreigners.  WE ARE A NATION OF CRY BABIES AND WHINERS!  We have this sense of entitlement and if we are denied, we scream how unjustly treated we are. We believe that the government has an obligation to provide us with every human need.  We are not willing to kick the self-interest politicians out of office and vote those in that have no allegiance to power and privilege.  Their only allegiance would be to preserve and follow our Constitution and to secure our unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.-

The Government needs to get the hell out of our way!  Let us make our own living.  Let us work for what we need.  Let us bring back entrepreneurship.  Let us lead the way in technology.  Let us produce goods and products.  Let us fix our infrastructures.  Let us lead the way in education.  Let us repeal all those silly rules and regulations-the ones that prohibit us from self-sufficiency. Let us assert our Independence from foreign and domestic government.  LET US REMEMBER WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A PROUD AMERICAN!



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