Obama’s It’s Not My Fault Tour

For the month of May it was a shock to see the jobless rates were 9.1% and added only 54,000 jobs. Today the jobless rate, for June, rises to 9.2% as U.S. economy adds only 18,000 jobs.

So much for those “shove…shovel ready-uh-jobs”.  Laughter, laughter, chuckle.

Shovel Ready to vote them out of office

In his, IT’S NOT MY FAULT, address tour to the nation this morning, Obama states five reasons for the slow employment.

1.  A string of natural disasters across the globe.
2.  Higher gas prices.
3.  State and local budget cuts
4.  Fiscal problems in Greece and the Euro zone
5.  Concern about whether the government will default over failure to raise the debt ceiling.

Yah! Those are the reason why the recovery for employment is slow. 

How foolish does this President think the American people are. What happened with the Stimulus package and TARP bailout program to the tune of over $1.5 trillion combined.  Weren’t this projects guaranteed to fix the country’s infrastructure?

To quote the beguiling wisdom of Harry Reid after the news of the devastating unemployment rate-

“I hope the news that our economy is not creating jobs at an acceptable rate will cause Republicans to start taking job creation seriously,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. “So far this year, Republicans have derailed every common-sense, bipartisan jobs bill we have brought to the floor.”

Hey Harry, Obama and all you Progressive Liberals, What happened with the Stimulus Package and TARP bailout program…! You know, all those shovel ready jobs.

Stay tuned for the next round of the “IT’S NOT MY FAULT” tour.

And while we are at it, why the f**k is Jeffrey R. Immelt , the tax evader and jobs overseas guy, always at Obama’s elbow?  As if we didn’t know.


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