America’s Trojan Horse

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”-George Santayana (1863-1952)

I doubt that some even care to know their history.

At a community summit, Maxine Water’s bellowed a tirade of harsh words,

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Waters told the crowd. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.

maxine waters
Uh Oh! Sounds like Maxine and the Tea Party have much in common. Did a Progressive just command a whole group of people to Hell?  And, isn’t Hell a “Christian” concept?

And, an article by Associated Press writer Valerie Bauman about Black Conservative Tea Partiers are called ‘Traitors’,Oreos, and Uncle Toms because, “the assumption is the Republican Party is for whites and the Democratic Party is for blacks-” How dare they oppose our nation’s first black president’s  policies!”

While the Tea Party is being branded as racist, anti-gay, white, gun-toting, Christian wing-nuts, and Republicans, we would all benefit from learning a little history.

In his own words, the Progressive Democratic, Harry S. Truman, stated-

“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know”.

Remember that in 1947, ole’ Harry championed a civil rights agenda to Congress.

So, here goes Harry!  For those who don’t know and for all Progressive, far-left Democratic, peace-loving, tree hugging, tolerable, caring, bleeding-heart liberals, I have a tiny piece of history for you to learn.  Study carefully.  There may be a quiz later!

For 150 years, the Republican Party held high the banner of civil rights. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party defended slavery, segregation and allied itself with the Ku Klux Klan to take the vote away from black and white Republicans and terrorize them into submission. Little wonder the Democratic Party was known as the “party of the Klan” well into the 20th century. When Democrats finally embraced the cause of racial freedom in the 1960s, they were the “Johnny come latelys” of the civil rights movement, simply undoing the damage their Party had inflicted on racial minorities during the prior 100 years. We, the Party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass and Ward Connerly, have a far better claim to civil rights but we have forgotten our own history.

Read the complete article-Republicans Were on the Right Side of Civil Rights History Long Before Democrats.

According to Peter M. Carrozzo an independent scholar who reviewed Michael R. Gardner’s book  Harry Truman and Civil Rights: Moral Courage and Political Risks, there is no mention that Truman-

In 1922, he was running for the position of eastern judge of Jackson County, a non-judicial, administrative office akin to a county commissioner. In a highly competitive primary in which two candidates already had Klan support, a political ally of Truman advised him to join as well–on the grounds that it was “good politics.” The ten-dollar membership had been paid but upon learning the Klan was against Catholics, Truman backed out. He had commanded a predominantly Catholic artillery battery in France during the World War. Truman, thereafter, became an enemy of the Klan, having his life threatened by them on occasion.

Also, there is no mention about Truman’s racial slurs in his letters to his wife Bess.  Because these were in his early part of life, many don’t record or learn that part of history.

My assertion (and we all know what an assertion or an assumption can do for you and me) of either Party is that it doesn’t do much for any citizen’s circumstances.  When the Democratic heart suddenly bled (in the early part of the twentieth century) for the downtrodden, was that when they needed those votes to secure an election?

Therefore, before we all allow our government representatives to get onto their one Trojan high-horse, let’s all pause and think about the ideologues on both side of the American Parties.  Beware of those bearing gifts!

As with politics, I maintain, that one should proceed with CAUTION!


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