“Riddle” Me This, Junior


Question-What are the “CTW” and “AFL-CIO”?

Answer-The American Labor Unions!

Question-What do The American Labor Unions have in common?

Answer-The American Labor Unions have priced industries out of America’s market. Forcing companies to look abroad for cheaper alternatives.

Question-Name four industries that The American Labor Unions ran out of America’s market right into the arms of foreigners?

1) The auto industry
2) The mining industry
3) The steel industry
4) The textile industry

FYI-Union membership is now down to 10.9% of all workers. In 2009 it was 12.5% & in 1977 it was 36%…

Stay tuned for other Industries Who May Be Booking Passage Soon. Entitled-

How The Unions Broke Themselves.

Up next-The Patients Are Running Bedlam! Starring the late Jimmy “Riddle” Hoffa-

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and his “zany”, “spunky” son Jimmy Junior-

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Question-Who doesn’t love “SPUNK”?

I’ll give you a hint.

I hate spunk!

Answer-The past two-term president of SAG (Screen Actors Guild-an American labor union  for film and television principal performers and background performers worldwide) doesn’t like “spunk”.  HE HATES SPUNK!


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