Why is the United States government compelled towards Socialism?  What benefits and to whom are these benefits going to advance?  It surely won’t benefit the impoverished.


My understanding of economics and history is that jobs help people out of poverty.  And yes, I do understand that people can fall on hard times and need help during those hard times as more and more companies are going out of business and shipped overseas .  (I don’t have to delve in as to why this is happening, but we can point the finger at or give the finger to government).  But, we can rule out  private charities in temporarily providing for those that have fallen on hard times.

I cannot find flaw with what the chairman and CEO of the Ludwig von Mises Institute,  Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr’s. article-Why Don’t People Get It?

The problem is that government services have crowded out private ones and reduced private-sector services beyond what they would be in a free market. Before the age of the welfare state, charities in the 19th century were a vast operation comparable in size to the largest industries. They expanded according to need. They were mostly provided by the churches through donations, and the ethic was there: everyone gave a portion of the family budget to the charitable sector. A nun like Mother Cabrini ran a charitable empire.

But then in the progressive era, ideology changed. Charity came to be considered a public good, something to be professionalized. The state began to encroach on territory once reserved to the private sector. And as the welfare state grew throughout the 20th century, the comparative size of the private sector shrank. As bad off as we are in the United States, it is nothing compared with Europe, the continent that gave birth to charitable services. Today, few Europeans donate a dime to charity, because everyone is of the belief that this is a government service. Moreover, after high taxes and high prices, there isn’t much left over to donate.

Are we know going to soon be known as Euroamerica!

Indeed!  Why Don’t People Get It? or is it their refusal to “Get It” and if that being the case, again I ask,  “Why is the United States government compelled towards becoming a complete Welfare State?”  What benefits and to whom are these benefits going to advance?  And then I think, POWER.  It has to be for the Power!  What else could it possibly be?  Isn’t Power the ultimate aphrodisiac and aren’t many drawn to that power?  

Could POWER be the reason they “don’t get it” or refuse to get it?  Most American’s must know from their educational history that socialism has failed since ancient times and socialism equals oppression?

However, when you have an educational system that champions socialism and  “decry the evil of capitalism” what more can I expect.


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