The Democratic Vapours

The far-left nut jobs, once again, took to their fainting rooms when Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., had called pregnancy after rape “really rare.”

fainting couch


To all you democratic, progressive left-wing nuts out there. Your ire over this fool’s statements should be directed towards your (blood sport) team and their rants.

Let’s recap some misquotes by the self-righteous left-

“rape-rape” so eloquently spewed by Miss Whoopie, and “Gaffo” Biden’s remarks about “Chains” and when he said,” rapes will increase if Congress does not pass Obama’s latest stimulus bill, and Obama’s “You didn’t build that speech”, and…

There are just too many to print here.

Spare me your outrage, and spare me your pretend anger-you bunch of hypocritical, bootlicking, ignorant tree huggers.

Not all Republicans agree with Rep. Atkin’s statement. In addition, when a Republican says something stupid, the Republicans will be one of the first to condemn that statement. Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans have the courage to stand up to what is right. The Democrats have the FAINTING ROOMS.


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