Hillary’s Criminal Career Part 1

“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” –Lord Acton

…and still she get’s their vote.

One of many, many crimes committed by Hillary.



The Clintons fired the White House Travel Office, after serving 7 Presidents.

After the inauguration in 1993, the Clinton’s fired the White House Travel Office employees, allowing their wealthy Hollywood friends, to take over the lucrative travel business, this lead to investigations by the FBI, DOJ, GAO, Oversight Committee and the Whitewater independent counsel.

Wealthy Clinton friends took over the Travel Business, worth $31 million annually.

Hillary Clinton was at the center of five investigations.

The Clinton’s claimed the firings were due to financial misdeeds, but the employees were cleared on all accounts. Hillary Clinton allegedly played a central role in the firings. Yet in her sworn testimony she claimed she was not involved. The independent counsel found this to be factually inaccurate and that she made factually false statements.

Hillary Clinton made “factually false statements” in sworn testimony.

The Clintons were forced to remove their friends and reinstate the previous employees.

The source for this material is from LYBIO

Summary: IN 1993 HILLARY CLINTON and David Watkins moved to oust the White House travel office in favor of World Wide Travel, Clinton’s source of $1 million in fly-now-pay-later campaign trips that essentially financed the last stages of the campaign without the bother of reporting a de facto contribution. The White House fired seven long-term employees for alleged mismanagement and kickbacks. The director, Billy Dale, charged with embezzlement, was acquitted in less than two hours by the jury.

Check back here for part 2 of Hillary’s criminal career.  Parts 3-16 follows.


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