Hillary’s Criminal Career Part 4



Hillary Clinton’s first trade of cattle futures, a $1,000 investment quickly grew in 10 months of trading in the notoriously volatile market into a gain of nearly $100,000.

“This is like buying ice skates one day and entering the Olympics a day later”. –Mark Powers, editor of the journal of Futures Markets. (April 1994).

This raised suspicions of improprieties as her very first trade

She refused to release her tax returns for years in question.

Tax returns disclosed last Friday show that the Clintons claimed about $100,000 in capital gains from the trades. The returns, which the Clintons had declined to disclose during the campaign, were made public only after a New York Times article on March 18 revealed that the Clintons had made the commodities profits. But in the tax returns the Clintons ignored Internal Revenue Service instructions to detail how much money was invested, how much was earned and on what dates the trades occurred. —New York Times  (Published: March 30, 1994)

Hillary Clinton insisted that she made all the investments decisions herself. The investigation proved her trades were actually placed by her friend James Blair, through the brokerage firm Refco.

James Blair was outside counsel for Tyson Foods, the largest employer in our counsel, which is state-regulated. The perception was Mrs. Clinton received preferential treatment an incredible financial returns as a way the Governor favor with her husband then Governor of our counsel.

Refco was investigated and paid the largest fines in the history of the exchange.

The source for the unquoted material is from LYBIO

The story intensified in April 1994, when the first couple was forced to pay an additional $14,615 in back taxes and interest after it was learned that the first lady had made more money on commodity trades than had been revealed to the public or to the IRS. —
Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. By Barbara Olson

Part 5 (Hillary’s criminal career) will follow.


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