Hillary’s Criminal Career Part 18



Hillary Clinton exclusively used her family’s private email server for her official email communications while she was the United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, rather than using official State Department email accounts maintained on federal government servers.

The only reason for the private server in her basement was to keep her emails out of the public eye by willfully avoiding freedom of information laws. No president, no secretary of state, no public official at any level is above the law. She chose to ignore it, and must face the consequences.

Public officials keep secrets because they have something to hide — something they don’t want the people they are supposed to be serving to know anything about.

Since the beginning of the Clinton email scandal, the nation has been subjected to a political and criminal defense generated smokescreen. The Clinton campaign has attempted to make the public believe that she is not guilty of anything because the information on her very unprotected server was not “marked as classified” or “classified at the time.”  —Hillary’s ‘classified’ smokescreen hides real crime

Why isn’t the media doing its job?

Why has Clinton not been grilled by her interviewers as to whether her emails contained national defense information that could harm the U.S.? Why has everyone bought into the “marked classified” rabbit trail? One suspects that many reporters and commentators have not bothered to read the actual law or are hesitant to blow the central defense of the Clinton campaign out of the water.  —Hillary’s ‘classified’ smokescreen hides real crime

Watch video below  –“Hillary Clinton spins on ‘Meet the Press,’ says she put out all her emails” (April 3, 2016)

Hillary is an extreme danger to our country!


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